From Hot Cars to Haute Girls

From hot cars to haute girls, eSVYN really knows how to turn up the heat.

While eSVYN is still a proud sponsor of Under Pressure Motorsport the 2 man team of rugged good-looking-ness and super-uber speed we are also now a proud sponsor of the Ms. International World pageant.

We will sponsor the beautiful ladies bikini / athleisure wear crossover look.

Let’s meet the beauty queens who will set sail this weekend, August 7-9, 2021 on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

Contestant number 1 is:

Danielle DeMott – Ms International World Sweden Classic

Contestant number 2 is:

Landyn Exarhos – Teen International World United States

Contestant number 3 is:

Gianna-Angela Downing – Teen International World Italy

Contestant number 4 is:

Priya Kumar – Ms. International World United States Classic

Contestant number 5 is:

Dr. Akshata Prabhu – Ms. International World India

Contestant number 6 is:

Emily Guglielmo – Ms. International World Puerto Rico Petite

Contestant number 7 is:

Sabina Karac – Ms. International World Germany

Contestant number 8 is:

Willina Rodriguez – Ms. International World Supermodel Dominican Republic

Contestant number 9 is:

Britt Ogonofski – Ms. International World United States Petite

Contestant number 10 is:

Shea Filling – Ms. International World Supermodel United States

Contestant number 11 is:

Maya Jovani – Ms. International World Macedonia

Contestant number 12 is:

Deborah Desir – Ms. International World Haiti

Contestant number 13 is:

Jasmine Govan – Ms. International World United States Global

Contestant number 14 is:

Edidiong Uwah – Ms. International World Nigeria

Contestant number 15 is:

Naysa Marrero – Ms. Latina International Puerto Rico

Contestant number 16 is:

Kimberly Scarangella – Ms. International World Italy

Contestant number 17 is:

AJ Knapp – Ms. International World Poland

Contestant number 18 is:

Cinthya Hernandez – Ms. Latina International Venezuela

Contestant number 19 is:

Camila McCalp – Ms. Latina International Chile

Contestant number 20 is:

Talia Naranjo – Ms. Latina International Cuba

Wow right!!?!!

I would not want to be a judge in this competition. I had the chance to meet the majority of these wonderful ladies and they are not only gorgeous, they are very astute and savvy.

Photo by Carlos Urbizo – Taken at North Beach Art Gallery

They all have that “je ne sais quoi” – a quality that cannot be described or named easily.

Angela Posillico, the CEO of the Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International Pageants and Susmita Patel, pageant coordinator and contestant choreographer and CEO of SP Fashion Direct, LLC have worked tirelessly while always looking fierce and fabulous to bring an international show of a lifetime.

We are so excited for all of the ladies! Good Luck girls! You are all winners in our eyes.

And stay tuned to and @esvynathleisure for continuing coverage of the Ms. International World competition en route to the Bahamas.

Which lady is your favorite? Please hit us in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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