Who Is This Girl Boss?

Christi Lynn Gaskin

Beyoncé said it before and we’ll say it again. Who runs the world? Girls!

Meet Christi Lynn Gaskin, the Under Pressure Motorsport Media Marketing Director and Team Manager to the 3 man drag racing team, Greg Gaskin, Bob Sargent and Mike Bagley. She is also the Crew Chief to Greg Gaskin’s race car. Now I know you’re probably wondering what does a crew chief do on a dragster car? Christi is the car engineer with her dad, Greg and her mom, Lisa. She mathematically calculates the air fuel mixtures combined with ambient and track temperature and then calculates the formula to be loaded into the car to make the car go fast. Whew!!

But Christi’s story doesn’t just stop there! She is a single mother to Alexia Belcher, 6 and Dayne Belcher 11, she’s a preschool teacher as well as a tanning consultant. And for the past 10 years and still going strong she sells Scentsy, a beautiful online website that sells all things that smell yummy.

Christi wears many hats but what she loves the most, besides her family of course, is racing. Like her dad racing is in her blood too. Born and raised on the south side of Indianapolis she grew up going to the track every weekend since the first month she was born. While she enjoyed playing basketball and volleyball she forwent softball because the season was at the same time as race season.

Her parents noticing her love for racing they never pressured her into it; as a matter of fact, probably to deter her from that racing itch she had they told her she had to maintain an A, B school average if she ever dreamt of having a racing career. So what did Christi do? She aced school, gracing the honor roll.

This extremely double jointed, adrenaline junkie, former Hooter’s girl, Christi Lynn Gaskin, was a Jr. dragster star, championing it a few times in a row. Yes! She showed up with the boys and showed out!!!

Christi Gaskin as a junior racer
In the car is a little Christi Gaskin with her dad, Greg Gaskin getting licensed for her first time
Little Christi Gaskin with dad, Greg Gaskin and a crew person

So what’s next for Christi who’s only 30?

She hopes to see herself taking over the family business in the driver’s seat but she’s not in a hurry. She loves working next to Mom, with Dad in the driver’s seat and she deems it an honor to take over once Dad officially retires.

Christi says,

“He has set the bar high with the Gaskin name that’s for sure. Big shoes to fill!”

Christi has sat on every side of the track, from the spectator to the racer to the crew chief. She credits everything she knows to her parents and acknowledges that women in drag racing couldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Shirley Muldowney.

Christi says,

“Without this lady, (Shirley Muldowney) drag racing would have never been a thing. We owe it all to her.”

As for her little 6 year old daughter, Alexia?

“It would be the next big thing! I’d love to teach her everything I know and her be the driver I know she can be. She has the itch also!”

Well there you have it. We’ll be keeping our eye on Christi Gaskin and little baby girl Alexia, America’s future Shirley Muldowney.

Watch out boys.

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