Over 60 Yrs Old and Still Winning!!

Christi Gaskin, Greg Gaskin, Christi’s daughter, Lisa Gaskin

And the winner is… Greg Gaskin by a fraction of a second. Yes! The Under Pressure Motorsport Team went to Muncie Indiana, just north of Indianapolis to race. While the team was there only Greg Gaskin out of the 3 man team raced his car to the finish line as the victor. We’re so proud of Greg and all eyes are on you for the biggest race out of the entire season that’s coming up next.

This is a two-day race where you qualify and race both days. We will have 2 cars competing May 15th and 16th so it will be double the pleasure and we’re still waiting to see which of our drivers, Bob Sarget or Mike Bagley will grace the second car. You see Bob underwent major heart surgery several weeks ago and after an excruciating recovery Bob, this over 60 year old stud, is itching to get back in that beast.

Mike’s car is still in the shop primping and prepping and getting into tip top shape so it’s not yet available for this big race day.

Will Mike drive Bob’s car so Bob can have a few more weeks of recovery or will Bob jump in that bad boy and burn some rubber to champion this race?

We will definitely keep you updated on how everything pans out.

If you want to help these guys too we have t-shirts and hats for sale here and here or you can meet them at the race when they’re in your town and purchase there. Just look for the below poster and you’ll be able to purchase and meet the drivers in person. They would love to meet you.

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