eSVYN’s 1st Fashion Show

As I sit here waiting for the chicken to cook my mind is racing about all of the things that I still need to do for my virtual fashion show. The Amazon truck along with USPS, FedX and UPS has been visiting my house almost everyday for the past 2 weeks and I’m still waiting on other various items to be delivered.

How could I have ordered so much and yet I still can’t get things done?

The virtual fashion show is in 5 days and I’m still waiting on some of my clothes to be delivered. My office looks like a mad house, fussing back and forth with the back end of my website, slicing hang tags, weeding vinyl, printers going off, boxes everywhere, heat press burning up my office, scissors… Where are my scissors?

Yesterday, my husband took our son to the bus stop came home and whisked me off to the Hilton. It was very relaxing hanging by the pool, no phone no shop talk. Beautiful idea Bae.

But today the clock’s ticking for eSVYN. My husband and I sometimes join our work together. He has his seminar coming up based on his book called Performance Under Pressure and eSVYN is his title sponsor which means I provide all of his t-shirts. He talks about stress and recovery and then I’ll give a fashion show and then we have a virtual cocktail party where everyone can network. His event is live in 2 weeks but my fashion show is being videoed in 5 days on our friends yacht. It will be cut together put in a can and then shown as a video package at his live event before the cocktail party.

I’m presenting 9 looks and right now I only have 1 look completed, 3 looks half completed and the rest of the looks are in space somewhere. Ugh!! My chicken!!!

It’s a little brown but it’ll still eat.

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